Project Description

West Heath – heathland walks made in heaven

There’s many miles of fabulous walking across natural heathland right on our doorstep. It’s always been stunning but it gets better by the year.  It’s undergoing restoration as part of the WildEast project which aspires to return  20% of East Anglia to nature and reverse the decline in insect, animal and birdlife. Local landowner, Ollie Birbeck, is installing restorative farming practices across the Little Massingham Estate which includes 500 acres of the heathland. You’ll stumble across native breeds like Highland and Dexter cattle, pygmy goats, wild ponies and wild pigs living out their lives in a truly natural environment. There’s abundant animal and birdlife too – more than enough to meet my insatiable appetite for hares, deer, weasels, buzzards, owls .. you name it, it’s probably here!  Don your hiking boots, clip on the dog lead and we promise an invigorating hike where if you happen across another soul it’ll count as a busy day!

0 miles (0 minute’s) from West Heath Barn. PE32 2HL